Setting up the Post-conversion trigger

Setting up the Post-conversion trigger

Here's a simple step-by-step guide on how to enabled and set up a Post-conversion trigger email:

  1. To enable a Post-conversion trigger, navigate to Triggered Emails > Post-conversion.

    Here you can choose to enabled up to tree Post-conversion triggers and set the time between each trigger (in case you want more than one).
  2. Start by enabling the trigger and specify when the email should be sent. You can also specify whether you want the customers to receive a post conversion email, even if they have completed another order in the mean time.
  3. As the next step, you can specify the email subject line and pick the design you want.
  4. Configure the permission settings. Your already uploaded permissions will always be used, but there are additional options here. Be aware that the first option may be in violation with local rules, so please be sure to comply with the rules of your country.
  5. Finally, select the number of related products to show as well as the rules for the products to display. Save your changes – the Post-conversion trigger are now ready.


  • To preview how the email actually will look in your inbox, you can always try to send a test email, directly to your inbox.
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