General Settings for Triggered Emails

General Settings for Triggered Emails

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To get started with Triggered Emails from Hello Retail, it's important to configure your general settings – as these will be used as the foundation across the different types of triggers you would like to enable and use. There are four types; Abandoned cart, price drop, back in stock and post conversion. You can read more about the four different types here to learn more.

In this guide, we will look at abandoned cart and price drop as examples.

  1. On the dashboard view, navigate to the left-hand side menu under the Email section. Click on Triggered Emails to unfold the drop-down menu. Next, click on Settings.

    Choose and input your Sender name and Sender email as these will be used as the actual name and email address for sending your email notifications to customers.

    Optionally you can also choose to specify and enable sending limits if you have specific requirements in this regard.
  2. Next, you can choose to define the 3rd party unsubscribe URL if you would like for users to have the option of clicking the unsubscribe link. For this, they will then be redirected to Hello Retail when the unsubscription has been recorded.
    Note You can use the {{ email }} replacement parameter to insert the user's email address in the link.

    This is not required, as Hello Retail by default will show a default unsubscribe page for users clicking on the unsubscribe link. This is also on the Settings page when scrolled down.

  3. You can also define your design settings. To do this:

    Click on Triggered Emails to unfold the drop-down menu. Then click on Designs. From this, you can click on the New default base design button. Or for the specific type of triggered email design you want to create.  
    When prompted, you can now specify and configure the default design to be used across all your different trigger emails. Here you can easily change font family and colors; you can reference your logo and modify background and button colors.
  4. Once you are done with the design settings, remember to Save your settings.
Note If you are an advanced user, you can switch to "Source" mode. You can do this by scrolling all the way down and click on the Edit source button. This will enable you to edit the actual CSS and HTML code in the email template.


If needed, you can also try to send the completed triggered email to a test email account for you to see and preview how it will like before it is sent to your customers.

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