Centra installation guide

Centra installation guide

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Hello Retail can be integrated with the Centra ecommerce platform in a few different ways.

The basic question is whether you want full control and ability by utilising our API, or want more of a “fully managed” solution.

Seeing how Centra is an advanced platform targeted at more advanced shop owners, we generally recommend to take as much control as possible and utilise our API.
If in doubt you can always talk to your Hello Retail contact about the best approach for you. 

Regardless of how we are integrated, the following two headlines sums up the basic steps that needs to be completed:

Synchronisation of orders, products, categories and content:

In order for Hello Retail to serve relevant content, we need to know about your shop. The synchronisation uses the Centra Checkout API, so Hello Retail will need an API token with permission to read all the relevant data like: products, pricelists, orders, categories etc.

The following is needed:

  • API token.
  • URL/endpoint where the checkout api for your store is available.
  • Language ISO for your store.
  • Market id for your store.

If in doubt on how to provide this you can ask Centra support.

Insertion of the helloretail.js script:

To establish a connection between your shop and our system, the essential component is the helloretail.js script. The script needs to be present on all pages of your webshop, except maybe the order submit page. it needs to be present on the order confirmation page though. 
You can integrate the script by either manually inserting it at the bottom of the header or utilizing something like Google Tag Manager:

<script async src="https://helloretailcdn.com/helloretail.js"></script>
    window.hrq = window.hrq || [];
    hrq.push(['init', {}]);

Different implementations of Hello Retail solutions on your shop:

When implementing our solutions to your Centra shop you need to decide on one of the following approaches.  You will be deciding between "ease of installation" and "ability and control".

General info about Recommendations: https://developer.helloretail.com/sdk/recoms/
General info about Search: https://developer.helloretail.com/sdk/search/
General info about Pages: https://developer.helloretail.com/sdk/pages/

Generally we recommend to go with the API JSON approach to ensure the best possibilities and to retain as much control as possible of your site.

Tracking of important events:

We need to know about orders being placed, what is in a session cart, what pages are being viewed and what elements are being clicked. These events are the foundation of our system understanding your shop and essential in serving the best possible content through our features.

Hello Retail offers both server-side and frontend tracking options. If you go with the JSON API solution proposed in the section above, we would recommend that you implement server side tracking, however if you are going with the fully managed "Auto insert" approach then the frontend tracking would likely be the way to go for you:

It is worth noting that since you are working with a Single Page Application (SPA's) you might need to call the .reload() function of the helloretail.js script whenever essential content is changes. This would be the case if you rely on the helloretail.js script to automatically do view and click tracking. It is recommended that you handle these events manually to avoid calling .reload() as it involves some overhead loading.
You can read a bit more about page tracking and SPA's here:

Please note that Hello Retail's search functionality does not include built-in translation engines or currency conversion tools. Consequently, if a customer searches for a product using a different language or filters search results based on a currency different from what is indexed, they may not obtain the desired results. To overcome this limitation, you can build your search functionality by using the API to find products and handling the frontend/UI yourself.

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