Introduction to Audience

Introduction to Audience

In the world of e-commerce, data is essential. But data in itself is useless without tools to turn that data into knowledge that can be turned into action. With Audience, Hello Retail provides an unprecedented insight into the large amount of data provided by your customers' browsing and purchasing patterns in your shop.

Some customers buy often, some buy a lot at a time, some buy certain brands, some buy only once - but often the customers are treated as a homogenous group, with marketing aiming wide while having little impact. With Audience, you can group your customers based on similar patterns from historical data and can thereby reach them with messages that are much more relevant.

Let's say you want to promote a new running shoe from Nike, and you want to send out a newsletter promoting the fancy new high-tech shoe. Of course, you can send out a newsletter to all customers in your database, and you will reach the interested customers. But if you use this strategy every time, you will inevitably expose a large group of customers to irrelevant products that will turn your newsletters into spam in the eyes of those customers. 
What if you could pinpoint every customer that has purchased Nike at some point? Or if you could get a list of customers that bought a running shoe over a year ago that might need to upgrade? Or maybe every customer that purchased other kinds of running gear within the last few months but hasn't purchased running shoes? Or just customers who have browsed running shoes but not bought any? These groups of customers are much more likely to find the new shoe relevant and your time is better spent promoting the shoe specifically to those customers.

This is just one example of the kind of insight you can get from Audience. An element-based user interface lets you stack multiple filters that can help you find customers that will be much more likely to respond to your marketing. This will save you time and money while reaching customers much more likely to place an order.

The Insights you will get from Audience will blow you away. Make sure you read our guides on how to use and interpret Audience, and you will be ready to reach new heights of data-driven super relevant product promotion. 

How to use Audience

Learn how to interpret the data

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