Integrate Newsletter Content into MailCamp

Integrate Newsletter Content into MailCamp

This article will guide you through how to set up your newsletter content with helloretail and MailCamp.

Before you start:

  • You need a design for your newsletter content. If you do not already have a design for your newsletter, you can follow this guide.
  • If you already have created a design, you must now create an auto campaign config, this can be done by following this guide

You are now ready to integrate your newsletter content into MailCamp.

How to integrate newsletter content into MailCamp

Step 1:  Log into your helloretail account and copy the code snippet from your auto campaign config. 


Step 2: Log into your MailCamp Account and find the specific campaign, where you want to show your helloretail newsletter content.


Step 3:  Now insert the code snippet from helloretail into your newsletter template like in this video guide.


Remember to click "Save". 



You have now successfully installed helloretail newsletter content to your newsletters.

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