Magento Installation Guide

Magento Installation Guide

We’ve created a Magento connect extension to make it even easier to use Hello Retail on your Magento hosted webshop. We suggest you install the extension via the Magento connect manager, but you can also transfer the files manually by ftp if you prefer that and you know what you are doing. 

Please note: Before you install anything it’s important to create a backup of your shop. It’s a good idea to do this every time you install a new extension or make changes to your store.

Installing the Hello Retail extension via Magento Connect Manager:

  1. Download the Hello Retail extension directly from this link Hello Retail extension package for Magento (newest version is 1.0.31). Note that you will receive a zip file - this should be unzipped so you end up with a .tgz file
  2. Once you have the file you should navigate to your Magento connect manager.
    Log in to your Magento admin and navigate to System –> Magento Connect –> Magento Connect Manager from the main navigation menu.
  3. Locate the header "Direct package file upload" and click the "Choose file" button.
    Now locate the Hello Retail extension on your computer and press the "upload" button"
  4. When the extension is ready it should show up on the page. 
    Make sure you REMOVE the checkmark for maintenance mode. 

    Now click the proceed button. 
  5. A black screen will appear with green messages shown on it. Once you see the message “Cache cleaned successfully” the installation is complete. Refresh the page and then click “Return to admin” in the top right-hand corner.

Connecting the extension with your Hello Retail account

In order to connect the Magento extension with your Hello Retail account, you will need to find your Hello Retail partner ID. Log into your Hello Retail account ( ), click on one of your webshops and navigate to "settings -> tracking script" - Here you can see a field containing your partner ID.

  1. Go back to your Magento admin page - after installing the extension you should have a new button in the top menu bar called "Hello Retail" - click this.
  2. Under the heading “Script Setup” there is a field called "Hello Retail ID" - paste your Hello Retail partner id to this field and click "Save".
  3. Under "Tracking Setup" you can choose how cart and conversion tracking is done. Normally it makes sense to enable "Use Ajax" because that options loads the cart and conversion tracking information after your pages have loaded, and plays well with most full page caching solutions. But under some circumstances performance can be improved by disabling the ajax tracking.
  4. Under "Data Push Setup" you can put in your Hello Retail Website Id. Both can be found by logging in to your account on You can see how to find your website id in this guide. If configure this section Hello Retail will be notified every time your product catalog changes and the changes will be synchronized to Hello Retail very quickly.
  5. In “Feed Access Restriction in the Data export section, the Hello Retail's IP address is already entered, which means only Hello Retail will be able to access the data from your product and order feed. If you wish access from somewhere else you can add additional ip's in a comma separated list. Remember to press “Update settings” if you decide to do this. 

Great, you’re ready to go!

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