How to Add Newsletter Content to ActiveCampaign

How to Add Newsletter Content to ActiveCampaign

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Before starting on this guide, make sure you have made the previous steps in Get started with Newsletter Content.

This guide is taking into consideration that you use built-in email templates from ActiveCampaign.

The code snippet from Hello Retail is made for an email that contains the width of 650 pixels.


Step 1: Go into your ActiveCampaign Account and find the specific campaign, where you want to show your Hello Retail Product Recommendations.


(Click on the “Campaigns” tab on the left side menu)

(Click on “Continue” to open your Campaign Editor)

Step 2: After you opened up the “Campaign Editor”, drag the “</> HTML Block” from the right side menu into your email template.

(Drag the </> HTML Block into your email template)

Step 3: Copy the <code snippet> with the product recommendations from your Hello Retail account and insert the code into the “</> HTML Block” like shown below.

 (Insert the code from Hello Retail into the </> HTML Block and press “Save”)

Step 4: You have now successfully inserted your Hello Retail Product Recommendations into your Email Template.

NoteIf you want to change the number of products shown per line, you can change the width="205" inside the code you copied from your Hello Retail account.

If you want to show more or fewer products per line (on desktop), change the number accordingly to a higher (fewer products) or lower (more products) amount.

E.g. width=”300px” shows 2 products per line.

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