Customizable Recommendation Strategy Steps

Customizable Recommendation Strategy Steps

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From this guide, you will know how to set up your customizable recommendation strategy steps so that you can select the exact products you want to show to your customers.

To do that, you need to fix the products you want to display in the algorithm steps.

The recommendation strategy customization procedure is following:

1. Navigate to the Recommendation section on your Hello Retail dashboard and click on Overview in the dropdown menu, then select the recommendation you need (in our example, we will focus on the Retargeted products type) or create a new one.

You can read about how to create or edit your existing product recommendation from our existing guides. Also, you can read more about the recommendation types here.



2. Click on the Recommendation Strategy in the Box Editor section. Here you can add filters to your recommendation. More information about filters can be found here.

Then click on Customize in the dropdown menu.



3. To add another recommendation strategy step, click on the Add another step box below the steps you already have (if any) and select the recommendation type from the dropdown menu.

This GIF demonstrates how to interact with Hello Retail's functionality


4. In the following window, you can change the type of recommendation step in the Type box.

This GIF demonstrates how to interact with Hello Retail's functionality


Note Here you can find more information about various recommendation types (strategies). In our example, it will be a cart recommendation page, where you can recommend products related to the one(s) your customer is going to buy.

To do that, in the logic step box, below the Type box, you can specify the cart-upsell conditions that trigger upon a specific preset condition when you want to promote some products that relate to the ones from the cart. For example, you can specify particular products so that in case of a match, your customer could see some related products that fit the main purchased product.

This GIF demonstrates how to interact with Hello Retail's functionality


Ticking off the Exclude products box allows you to exclude the products found on this step from all the further steps.

Tip You probably don't want to show some products that bring you no value on your page. These products can include "free shipping" labels, gift cards, gift wrapping, etc. Ticking off this box helps you show only valuable from the revenue perspective products.


Ticking off the Use as related products box allows you to use the products found as related products from now on.

Tip This feature allows you to show products, which are often bought together, on the same page. Thus, this will increase the chances your customers will be buying more products and, therefore, generate more revenue for you.


The Starting point box is intended to set to showcase the products viewed more than the specified number of days ago.


In the Max products box, you can set the number of products to show (zero means an unlimited number of products).


By ticking off Only offers, you can display the products on sale only.

Tip Customers buy products at a discount more eagerly. Promoting these products raises the probability of increasing the sales volume.



This GIF demonstrates how to interact with Hello Retail's functionality


You can easily adjust the products showcased on your webshop page by adding and altering the global filters.

More information about the filters you can find here.

Once your recommendation strategy steps are set up, click on the Save and publish button.

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